The largest percentage of VIKA’s work comes from repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients. We work hard to consistently earn our clients praise and their ultimate compliment – assignment of another project.

Here’s what our clients have to say about VIKA:

Francine E. Waters – White Flint Partnership
Executive Director

Their team is professional, prompt, responsive, creative, and knowledgeable with great problem solving ability. Their alignment study has been the corner stone of the Countywide RTV Transit Task Force concept study.

Evan Goldman – Federal Realty Investment Trust
Vice President, Development

I have entrusted them with the engineering design for a 3.4 Million sf project and sleep very well each night knowing we made the right choice. Their personal knowledge of White Flint in particular is second to none. They have worked on more sketch plans using the CR Zone than anyone in the County and essentially designed much of the road infrastructure improvements to be implemented within White Flint.

Jon Eisen – The Eisen Group

We have had the pleasure to collaborate with many of their staff and have the utmost respect for their depth of knowledge, their professionalism and their ability to have a good time while working on tough deadlines and developments and not to mention a very tough jurisdictional environment. VIKA is our firm of choice when it comes to civil engineering in Montgomery and the surrounding areas. If you are considering them for a work effort you will make a good decision by picking VIKA.

Robert Youngentob –EYA

We are a very demanding client and have found that not only are their teams highly qualified technically, but they possess the skills to see the big picture and focus on our changing needs. We expect this level of service from our consultants, and VIKA continues to exceed our expectations.

Bryant Foulger – Foulger Pratt

Chuck Irish and his firm have consistently performed their responsibilities accurately and timely. I can recommend VIKA and Chuck Irish strongly and without reservation.

Robert H. Zeiller – Westbrook Properties
Executive Vice President

What we find most refreshing about VIKA is their ability to see the big picture and adapt effortlessly to our ever changing needs. They are more than just engineers; they understand the entire process and are constantly looking out for ways to help our project move more smoothly through the complex agency entitlement process.