Weed Warriors

weedsAt VIKA, we take great pride in working with the Weed Warriors. That’s because they’re eco superheroes, but without the capes…

Friday the 22nd was Earth Day, and April is International Landscape Architecture Month. As part of our commitment to sustainability, and as engaged landscape architects, we enjoy participating in numerous events throughout the community.

On a recent Saturday morning, a group of us worked with the Weed Warriors along Elmhirst Parkway. weed2

This wonderful little trail along a tributary of Rock Creek connects the Trolley Trail to Rock Creek Park via Cedar Lane and accesses miles of parkland amenities.

As part of a broader effort, we’re clearing invasive species such as honeysuckle, multiflora rose, and vines. The next step will be working with the Parks Department to see if we can install some native species to establish a naturalized setting for joggers, walkers, bikers, puppies, and naturally… native fauna.



For more information about invasive species in our area, check out:

To help out at a park near you, contact the Weed Warriors Program through Montgomery Parks.