GIS Services Allow You to Understand What Belongs Where

VIKA GIS Services connects data with geography – allowing you to understand what belongs where.

Fully understanding your project data is only possible when you can see how it relates to other things in a geographic context.  Our GIS practice stores real world information as thematic layers that can be analyzed.  VIKA has a resource library of thousands of projects and extensive municipal data that can also be utilized and analyzed for your specific project needs.

As a result, VIKA can help you analyze the potential of your site and public improvements while reducing project costs through … greater efficiency in record-keeping … anticipation of conflicts before they occur … and ease for the spatial analysis of a project site.

We welcome the opportunity to sit down and talk about our GIS expertise and our systematic approach to compiling the many distinct factors and data elements that help you design and build a cost-efficient and organized project.   Whether you are interested in help on a specific project or would just like more details, give us a call or send an email to:

Bob Cochran, LS
Principal Associate
703.442.7800 ext. 791
Mobile:  571.237.4819