Innovative Use of 3D Scanning and REVIT for Redevelopment of Historical Structures and Sites

3D laser scanning technology and REVIT modeling have proven their ability to save time, reduce costs, and increase precision for redevelopment of historical structures and sites. Laser Scanning makes it possible to rapidly process three-dimensional data to better model and analyze real-world objects and environments, capturing geometry, context, and color.  Use of Point Cloud data collected by the 3D scanner allows for the preparation of very precise 3D models of both pre-construction and post-construction existing conditions.

Other benefits include:
• Increased the number of measurements and comprehensive collection of all survey data
• Improved precision and reduced human error
• Quicker deliverables and lower overall costs

VIKA’s 3D laser scanning services have been used for the redevelopment of historical buildings and sites through the Metropolitan DC area.  Recent examples of our diverse use of the 3D scanning and REVIT modeling for redevelopment of historic sites include:

Frager’s Hardware Building – 1101-1117 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC
A fire destroyed the building back in June 2013.  Redevelopment plans for this 97-year old property include three floors of multi-family residences along with ground-floor retail.  Given the existing condition of the structure, the first phase of redevelopment was bracing the historical façades for preservation purposes and then designing a new building that could be fit in behind them.  The DC Historic Preservation Board required the Developer to provide documentation of the historical façades to ensure that the required façade percentages are retained in the new design.  VIKA provided scanning services that obtained a 3D Point Cloud scan of the three facades and provided a detailed plan of the existing windows, keystones, brick patterns, and cornices.  This data was then brought into CAD and VIKA produced elevation plans of the existing facades that allowed the developer to meet with the appropriate DC approval agencies to classify the period in which the façades were built and identify features that must be preserved and incorporated into the redesign of the existing building.

Fannie Mae Redevelopment – 3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington, DC
A joint venture is now planning an adaptive reuse of this 60+ year-old building into a new mixed-use residential and retail community.  Here too, the developer is retaining many of the iconic, historical aspects of the building.  The Architectural Design Team needed a REVIT Model of the existing conditions to design the new project and create renderings for team meetings and public agencies.  VIKA scanned the exterior structure, the shell, and select interior areas to produce highly-detailed existing conditions plans and a Revit Model from the 3D Point Cloud data collected.  The Existing Conditions Revit Model is proving to be a powerful tool that is supporting the ongoing multi-disciplinary and collaborative design process of the Project Design Team.  The 3D Scanner and the Existing Conditions Revit Model saved VIKA’s client time and money, ensured the completeness and precision of measurements, and provided the best platform for the Project Design Team through all the phases of their design efforts.

The Silas Burke House — 9617 Burke Lake Road, Fairfax County, VA
The Developer worked closely with the Burke Historical Society and Fairfax County to preserve this circa 1824 house and all the additional existing structures on this 4.96-acre property.  Significant proffers required the preservation of the existing house and associated out-buildings, including easement protections.  VIKA used 3D laser technology to scan the existing residence to document its current condition.  This scan will be used in the coming year to preserve the current condition in perpetuity and provide a precondition report prior to performing exterior renovations.  In addition, VIKA will scan the buildings again after construction of new buildings are completed.

3D laser scanning technology and REVIT are the leading edge technologies that have proven their ability to save time, reduce costs, and increase accuracy for redevelopment, restoration and documentation of historic structures and sites.  VIKA’s portfolio of diverse project experience has given us the capability and expertise to provide 3D scanning and REVIT modeling services to meet your specific project needs.