Aerial Mapping Season is Coming to a Close!

A friendly reminder, the end of the flying season for aerial mapping is upon us once again. You have until mid-March to have any aerial photos taken of your project site before the leaves begin to emerge. If you have any projects under consideration for development, now is the time to act! Digital mapping of... Read More

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys – It’s Not Just A Survey – Timing is Everything

** IT’S NOT JUST A SURVEY ** VIKA has over 37 years of experience in the preparation of ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys, for financing, refinancing, development, and/or acquisition purposes.  We have an extensive library of thousands of surveys performed in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Suburban Maryland. We’re extremely knowledgeable concerning the required coordination you... Read More

GIS Services Allow You to Understand What Belongs Where

VIKA GIS Services connects data with geography – allowing you to understand what belongs where. Fully understanding your project data is only possible when you can see how it relates to other things in a geographic context.  Our GIS practice stores real world information as thematic layers that can be analyzed.  VIKA has a resource... Read More

Innovative Use of 3D Scanning and REVIT for Redevelopment of Historical Structures and Sites

3D laser scanning technology and REVIT modeling have proven their ability to save time, reduce costs, and increase precision for redevelopment of historical structures and sites. Laser Scanning makes it possible to rapidly process three-dimensional data to better model and analyze real-world objects and environments, capturing geometry, context, and color.  Use of Point Cloud data... Read More

SITES Ties Together the ASLA & Greenbuild Conferences & Inspires a Few Site Visits

Two of our Planning and Landscape Architecture Department staff, Joshua Sloan and Steve Cook, will be presenting at Greenbuild 2017 on the interrelationships between LEED for Neighborhood Development and the Sustainable SITES Initiative systems.  But many people are not familiar with the basics yet, so we offer a quick look back at the unveiling... Read More

Partnering with VIKA Means Engaging Collaboration, Smart Planning and Design Excellence

VIKA’s proactive role in the Somerset Pool and Bath House (SPBH) project helped attain “Design Excellence Jury Citation” award.  This prestigious recognition is granted by the Montgomery County Planning Department (MCPD). In this project, VIKA partnered with McInturff Architects and county stakeholders to provide planning expertise, permitting management and civil engineering services. “The Design Excellence... Read More

The leaves are coming in 2017 …

A friendly reminder; the end of the flying season for aerial mapping is upon us once again. You have until mid-March to have any aerial photos taken of your project site before the leaves begin to bloom. If you have any projects in consideration for development, now is the time. Digital mapping of the imagery... Read More

VIKA Design Teams in the Field

In Maryland and the District, almost every project we design has various Environmental Site Design (ESD) elements to treat and reduce runoff (such as green roof, bio-gardens and/or planters, etc.) As our Landscape Architecture Teams take on more oversight of the detailing of these elements, we believe it is important to keep track of construction and... Read More