Renwick Reopens with WONDER

After a 2-year renovation, the Renwick Gallery recently reopened with WONDER. This exhibition serves as a perfect springboard for the imagination to take flight. It’s also the ideal canvas where landscape architects and civil engineers work together to create space using numerous materials and techniques including the following: Landforms Walls Fences Plant materials Paving designs... Read More

Stormwater Management as Site Design Tool

Stormwater management is a crucial element of all site designs, but has increased challenges in higher-density, infill scenarios. Our landscape architects and engineers work collaboratively to satisfy the state and local engineering code requirements while integrating the facilities into the design theme. A good example is the redevelopment of an existing parking lot in an... Read More

Weed Warriors

At VIKA, we take great pride in working with the Weed Warriors. That’s because they’re eco superheroes, but without the capes… Friday the 22nd was Earth Day, and April is International Landscape Architecture Month. As part of our commitment to sustainability, and as engaged landscape architects, we enjoy participating in numerous events throughout the community.... Read More

LEED Evolution at VIKA

As an industry, we’ve come a long way since the first LEED rating system pilot was first released to the market in 1998. For starters, we’ve seen the rapid expansion of myriad green building practices including: Reduction of energy use Recycling of content in building products Elimination of products that off-gas volatile compounds Change of... Read More

The leaves are coming …

A friendly reminder; the end of the flying season for aerial mapping is upon us once again. You have until mid-March to have any aerial photos taken of your project site before the leaves begin to bloom. If you have any projects in consideration for development, now is the time. Digital mapping of the imagery... Read More

Garden versus Park: A Comparison of Two Linear Landscapes

Part 1: Musing on Gardens and Parks Many of our projects have distinct types of open space that have historically been termed “active” and “passive” indicating how they would typically be used: as recreation spaces or as more restful places to enjoy being outdoors.  These distinctions, however, may be helpfully expanded upon by considering design... Read More

The Value of Sketching

The best way to a good idea is to have lots of ideas – Linus Pauling Fizzle and flop? We’ve all been there at some point, either in a school studio session or after kicking off on a new work project. Charged with energy and fresh new ideas, we dove in, only to have someone... Read More

3D Visualization Brings VIKA Designs to Life

There’s a growing expectation that 3D visualization software can support and enhance the development approval process. This expectation has been fueled by owners/developers, construction managers, municipal staff, citizen groups, approval boards and commissions, and consultant teams. And with good reason… VIKA has found that the use of these 3D visualization programs can reduce the time... Read More

Season’s Greetings from VIKA

The VIKA Team is honored by the many opportunities we have shared with you throughout this past year. We are grateful that you have entrusted us to work with you in bringing projects and ideas to reality. We pledge to continue to earn your confidence by exceeding your expectations on each and every project. In... Read More

2015: New Horizons and Fresh Perspectives from ASLA

A great deal of our growth is due to our focus on education and exploration. So several of us donned our explorer hats and traveled to Chicago for the annual ASLA conference. The theme of the 2015 ASLA conference is embodied in one powerful word…Perspective. In the words of outgoing ALSA president Richard Zweifel: “We’ve... Read More

2015: VIKA Responds to Bridge Collapse with 3D HDS Team

On October 9 a bridge collapsed in a construction zone on the 91 Freeway in Corona, California. The disaster demanded rapid response. VIKA’s disaster response team mobilized quickly, arriving onsite after the partial collapse of the undercrossing bridge to assist with evidence efforts and provide structural engineers with a current conditions survey of the bridge. In this instance,... Read More