We provide integrated knowledge & service

Our understanding of multiple jurisdictions and our staff with public sector experience provide a unique perspective.  Code requirements vary and are constantly updated. We create solutions that meet the requirements of all applicable codes and strive to infuse those designs with creativity:

  • Paving & Grading
  • Water & Sewer
  • Sediment & Erosion Control/Stormwater Management
  • Tree Preservation, Forest Conservation & Environmental Protection
  • Fire & Rescue/Emergency Access
  • Zoning & Development Standards
  • Subdivision
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Applicable Building Codes
  • Parking, Signage, and Other Requirements

There is always more than one route to a solution.

We have written plans, guidelines, and codes. We speak the language of regulatory and agency staff, planning commissions, and council members, as well as developers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, attorneys, and community groups. We can translate between each so that our deliverables meet expectations.

We create solutions based on a designer’s approach to problem solving.

When assigned site planning or landscape architectural commissions, our approach incorporates the well-established planning framework with contemporary place-making principles:

  • Land Use
  • Natural Environment
  • Circulation
  • Cultural Resources
  • Access & Links
  • Inclusion & variety
  • Comfort & Character
  • Sociability — This ties together and brings to life the increasingly important “third places” in the urban environment: streets and plazas, cafés and pubs, libraries and bookstores, art galleries and small shops, gardens and parks.