2013: VIKA Declares Another Win at Mid-Winter Football Classic

Football 2013rVIKA defeated Urban Engineering 36 to 20, in the third annual Mid-Winter Classic. According to Chris Champagne, “It wasn’t the best day to be playing football and the field wasn’t exactly an improvement over last year’s rock-filled field, but at least this year it was puddles you were dodging, instead of boulders. VIKA got out to an early lead with two quick touchdowns- So quick, in fact- it was before I could even find the field….thanks to my awesome GPS system.”

VIKA never trailed Urban, although the lead varied from as high as 18 points to as little as 10. The game was never seriously in doubt, as the defense seemed to always be in control of the Urban offense. The pass rush was relentless while maintaining rush lanes and keeping the quarterback in the pocket. Silas Williams as safety, played the role of Darrelle Revis and literally shut down an entire half of the field. This, coupled with timely blitzing, ensured the victory. In fact, Urban didn’t score in the last 8 minutes of the game including four plays from inside the 10 yard line.

Thanks to all for the fun, and we look forward to another match next year.