2015: VIKA Expands Capacity with Second Laser Scanner

For the past four years, we’ve been providing 3D laser scanning services for our clients and have seen a surge in 3D scanning. To keep up with the increased demands, we’ve purchased a Faro 3D X 330.

Our industry and team partners (including architects, structural engineers and mechanical engineers)  are working toward a more 3D world. We’re right there with them, scanning, mapping, and modeling interior spaces including industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

Here’s why we went with the Faro 3D X 330:

  • Includes a GPS receiver with a range of up to 330 meters
  • An onboard GPS receiver can collect data at long ranges in a state plane horizontal and vertical datum
  • Enables VIKA to collect up to 976,000 survey grade points per second, allowing for faster data collection and a denser point cloud
  • The scanner (as a bonus) has a 70-megapixel color camera allowing us to create a realistic survey grade three dimensional image of a scanned area.

Ultimately we anticipate the new scanner to be focused on interior spaces to map and model columns, pipe networks, floor penetrations, girders, joist, mechanical rooms and so forth. And, the new Faro scanner will keep us on the front edge of the industry while allowing us to be competitive without compromising quality, accuracy and precision.