VIKA Participating in George Mason University’s Engineering Youth Conference – February 17, 2018

On February 17th, VIKA is presenting at the George Mason University (GMU) Volgenau School of Engineering’s “Engineering Youth Conference.”  This free conference is designed to encourage middle and high school students and their parents to dream big and find their own inner engineer and/or surveyor.

The event is part of the GMU’s activities to promote National Engineer’s Week. It offers students a chance to explore career opportunities in the exciting and dynamic field of engineering.

Attendees will get insider tips on how to succeed with pursing an engineering degree, the latest engineering technology, and network with guest speakers and future engineers. The event also will include hands-on activities to design and build structures, make concrete, and develop cybersecurity strategies that will keep devices safe, and much more.

Franklin E. Jenkins, LS, PS, PE, VIKA Virginia’s Director of Surveying, will be presenting an introduction to Land Surveying/Geomatics.  His presentation will help students explore land surveying career opportunities and the profession’s use of new and emerging technologies.

While land surveying is among one of the oldest professions, new technologies are bringing exciting opportunities to the profession. Surveyors practicing today must have the interest and skills to master new technologies. Since the students of today are more technology oriented, they are as a generation the best equipped to adapt to the constantly emerging technologies in surveying.

From high-tech total stations and smart GPS solutions to sophisticated laser scanners and increasingly automated software, today’s surveying professionals have access to an increasing array of tools to help them solve complex problems and boost the value of their services.

VIKA’s presentation will provide a brief overview of the history of surveying and why it is important to have land surveyed. We will also be discussing the emerging technologies that are being utilized by today’s surveyor such as 3D LIDAR scanning, drones, BIM, robotic total stations, and other equipment.

For more information on the conference, please visit: George Mason University – Engineering Youth Conference