Key and Nash – 1411 Key Boulevard, located in Arlington County, VA, is a 6-story building with a total of 63 units. This redevelopment replaced a 2-story house and a 4-story, 33-unit apartment complex built in 1955.

This project was designed to comply with Arlington County’s stormwater management guidelines and policy to encourage sustainable design, as well as the inclusion of affordable housing in the Metro corridors. In addition, this redevelopment effort follows the recommendations of the following:

  • Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor Streetscape Standards
  • Rosslyn Transit Station Area Study
  • Rosslyn Station Area Plan Addendum
  • Rosslyn Sector Plan.

The project’s design goal is to achieve both LEED Silver Certification and LEED Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) certification.

VIKA is providing the following services:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Planning
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Streetscape Design
  • Surveying.

The VIKA project team used 3D visualization software to support and enhance the development approval process. We produced courtyard and streetscape renderings along with 3D visualizations exhibits for meetings with Arlington County staff and the public. The reception for 3D models was extremely positive–particularly from the adjoining communities and citizens, who were able to see both form, context, and proportionality of the design in a way not possible with 2D renderings.

The 3D visualization program enabled us to refine the courtyard and streetscape designs and reduce the time it took to evaluate a project and win public support for the concept. It enables us to rotate the point-of-view around the site to see a particular angle and create fly-through movies where a viewer “walks” the site and experiences the spaces from a walking height/perspective. Ultimately, the use of this 3D visualization software delivered a positive return and eliminated many design-related conflicts and concerns from all project stakeholders.

VIKA believes there is also a growing expectation that 3D visualization software can support and enhance the development approval process. Because time is money, owners/developers, construction managers, municipal staff, citizen groups, approval boards and commissions, and consultant teams have fueled this expectation for 3D support.

We’ve found that use of our 3D visualization programs can reduce the time it takes to evaluate a project—whether an exterior courtyard design where aesthetics are paramount or a simple pipe run where avoiding utility conflicts is critical. Programs including Autodesk’s Revit, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Trimble’s Sketchup, and Lumion3D’s Lumion all have enabled VIKA to provide owners and design teams with quick, accurate, and dynamic models, at all points along the project development timeline.