Domain College Park is an award-winning, transit-oriented, housing development serving the University of Maryland student population. Under the M-X-T zone, the 2.66-acre site includes:

  • 256 residential units
  • 10,200 SF of retail
  • 2-level structured parking garage
  • A neighborhood park
  • Walkable paths throughout connecting the campus and public streets.

Plans were processed through the City of College Park, Prince George’s County—DPIE and SCD; M-NCPPC, State of Maryland, WSSC, and University of Maryland.

VIKA’s services include:

  • Boundary and Topographic Survey
  • Rezoning
  • Concept Planning
  • Preliminary Plan
  • Detailed Site Plan
  • Final Construction Plan.

VIKA also worked closely with the Department of Public Works and Transportation for the approval of the conceptual stormwater management plan, using environmentally sensitive design including water and sewer category change application and record plat processing. Stormwater management required structural recharge facilities, a structural bio-retention planter, and an underground storage vault to control the 100-year storm event.