The Dulles Jet Center is a state of the art corporate hangar facility at Dulles International Airport. On February 6, 2010, four 40,000-SF hangars collapsed from the weight of more than 32 inches of snow. The roofs of Hangars A, B, and C collapsed completely, while Hangar D suffered structural damage.

For this project VIKA provided disaster site surveying services for the four hangars and demonstrates our experience and ability to monitor a compromised structure.

We established a horizontal and vertical control network around the perimeter of the Jet Center building as well as a horizontal and vertical control network through the interiors of Hangars A, B, C, and D for daily monitoring of the hangars’ walls. Daily monitoring encompassed approximately 40-60 points each on the exterior and interior.

VIKA prepared a daily monitoring report that computed the daily deviations of each monitoring point and compared overall deviations to the initial baseline observations. We also prepared detailed as-built drawings of the welds for the tops and bottoms of beams located in Hangar D, which we submitted to the structural engineer daily twice a day.

During the course of this project, VIKA prepared detailed deformation surveys of the roof of Hangar D and onsite surveys for numerous structural elements and provided the steel contractor with detailed surveys for fabricating the raker system used to stabilize the partially collapsed Hangars A, B, and C.

VIKA’s services included:

  • Detailed horizontal and vertical controls and locations
  • Structure monitoring
  • Daily monitoring reports
  • Detailed as-built drawings.