The Fannie Mae redevelopment project is a VIKA Case Study demonstrating the many benefits of 3D scanning for a complex existing building with historical assets and numerous additions.

PROJECT TASK:   The project, at 3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, consists of a four-story, 228,000 SF building, some of which was originally constructed in 1958 and 1962.  Fannie Mae acquired the property in the 1970s and constructed an additional office wing and parking structure, but recently sold the site.  A joint venture is now planning an exciting adaptive reuse of the building into a mixed-use residential, and retail community.  The effort requires retaining many of the iconic, historic aspects of the building.

CHALLENGE:  Given the numerous additions over the last 60 years, existing records presented the Project Design Team with some challenges. For example, older documentation may be illegible, dimensions could be erroneous, and in the worst case there may be no plans at all.  To design the new project and create renderings for team meetings and public agencies, the Architectural Design Team needed an existing conditions Revit Model.

SOLUTION: VIKA’s 3D Scanning/Modeling Services provided scans of the exterior structure, the shell, and select interior areas to produce highly-detailed existing conditions plans and a Revit Model from the Point Cloud data collected with survey-grade precision.  Such 3D documentation builds greater certainty early in the process for everyone, which was necessary for the Architect and Client.  The use of the 3D Scanner demonstrated that existing conditions and measurements can be collected in weeks, while conventional surveying methods and measurement teams would have taken months.

Further, our solution also:

  • Increased the number of measurements
  • Improved precision
  • Reduced human error
  • Comprehensive collection of all survey data
  • Provided quicker deliverables
  • Lowered overall costs

DELIVERABLES:   Point Cloud data was collected using a Leica P-40 and a Revit Model was created.  This Existing Conditions Revit Model is a powerful tool supporting the ongoing multi-disciplinary and collaborative design process.  The Project Design Team continues using this model-based method to plan and design and, eventually, to construct the new buildings and infrastructure.

ADDED VALUE:   In sum, the 3D Scanner and the Existing Conditions Revit Model saved VIKA’s Client time and money, ensured the completeness and accuracy of measurements, and provided the best platform for the Project Design Team through all the phases of their design efforts.