A DC institution, Frager’s Hardware, was devastated by a fire that ravaged the store in 2013.  Redevelopment plans for this 97-year old property currently includes three floors of multi-family residences along with ground-floor retail and underground parking.  Prior to approval, this by-right development will go before the Historic Preservation Review Board for approval.

Given the existing condition of the structure, the first phase of redevelopment was bracing the historical façades for preservation purposes and then designing a new building that could incorporate them.  The Historic Preservation Board required the developer to provide detailed documentation of the historical façades to ensure that the required façade percentages are retained in the new design.

VIKA provided scanning services that obtained a 3D point cloud scan of the three historical facades and a detailed plan of the existing windows, keystones, brick patterns, and cornices.  This data was then brought into CAD and VIKA produced elevation plans of the existing façades that allowed the developer to meet with the appropriate DC approval agencies to classify the period in which they were built and to identify features that must be preserved and incorporated into the redesign of the existing building.

The Frager’s Hardware redevelopment project demonstrates the many benefits of 3D scanning the historical assets of an existing building in poor condition.  The use of the 3D Scanner to collect existing conditions data and measurements allows the Project Team to collect in weeks what takes longer with conventional surveying methods.  3D documentation builds greater certainty early in the design process for everyone — the Architect, the Engineer, the Client, and City/County Approval Agencies.

VIKA’s 3D Scanning solution also brought the following value-added benefits:

  • Increased the number of measurements
  • Improved precision
  • Reduced human error
  • Minimized missing and incorrect measurements
  • Provided quicker deliverables
  • Lowered overall costs
  • Provided the best platform for the Project Design Team for their design efforts.