As part of the Pike District transformation of White Flint, the Gables project is developing a 5.14-acre site created through a significant road re-alignment and property consolidation into a mixed-use community.  The development will include three interconnected buildings with 476 residential units, 31,000 SF of retail, a parking garage, 200 bicycle spaces, public art, and two new streets.

For many years, this site served as a County school bus parking lot, but this development will take advantage of its proximity to transit and amenities as an important smart growth opportunity.  As with many complex infill projects, however, there are several factors affecting the design and implementation.  Regarding the property consolidation, for example, a portion of the ultimate site area will come from the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center parking area and a portion from the abandonment of a portion of Executive Boulevard.  Executive Boulevard is then being realigned to continue Grand Park Avenue that runs north to Pike & Rose, another of VIKA’s many projects in this area. As another example, a proposed parking garage will serve the proposed on-site uses and the adjacent Wall Park and Shriver Aquatic Center in order to replace the existing large surface parking and provide additional outdoor programming for the County park. VIKA is currently working with the Department of Parks on these improvements as well.

VIKA is providing comprehensive entitlement planning, civil engineering, and surveying services, including Sketch Plan through Construction Documents, and a phased record plat process.