The Greater Cheverly Sector Plan provides numerous challenges as well as potential in terms of environmental impact and urban development. This area of Prince George’s County has significant industrial land directly adjacent to the Anacostia River and the Lower Beaverdam Creek. These waterways have high levels of impervious cover and little tree canopy, both of which have negative impact on water quality. There is also significant flooding along both waterways and their tributaries, which affects surrounding highways and properties.

VIKA is working with various agencies and the community to develop strategies to alleviate these related issues and mitigate the negative environmental impacts. We are providing planning and engineering services for M-NCPPC in support of the Greater Cheverly Sector Plan on a team with Torti Gallas + Partners and Toole Design Group.

In addition to environmental planning and civil engineering services, we are providing strategies to improve existing conditions and determine potential implementation and funding resources.

  • Engineering: stormwater and flood assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Planning: environmental assessment and planning strategies
  • Landscape Architecture: integrated stormwater and tree canopy design strategies.

Specific priorities for this project include:

  • Determine ways to minimize or reduce the amount of impervious surface in the industrial area.
  • Consider how to increase the number of street trees and incorporate trees in open spaces and urban park areas.
  • Identify ways to improve stormwater management and reduce poor drainage patterns for surrounding streams—the Beaverdam Creek in particular.
  • Evaluate methods to preserve, enhance, and restore the natural environment of the Upper Anacostia and Lower Beaverdam Creek watersheds as part of the area’s development.

Additional details can be found on M-NCPPC’s Website.