The Greenbriar Local Park project comprised 25.1 acres of undeveloped land. It was located in the North Potomac region, within the Travilah planning area. VIKA provided engineering and surveying services in conjunction with Hord Coplan Macht.

The design approach was to create a local park with a rustic appearance. It would include a small entry parking lot, accessible walking trails with special paving, seating, picnic terraces with trellis structures, and a picnic pavilion. The design would also incorporate visible bioretention areas with educational exhibits, children’s playgrounds, a soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, and natural tree planting areas.

This project presented complex and interesting challenges:

  • As a publicly funded project, the county wanted this park to provide the full stormwater management treatment volume through Environmental Site Design (ESD) facilities.
  • Another critical constraint was to maintain the originally approved limits of disturbance to preserve the existing forested stream valley buffer.
  • Montgomery County was also very protective of any development along Glen Road. This route is designated by the county as “rustic road.” Such designation covers roads that represent the rural and agricultural character of the area.

Our Team worked closely with all stakeholders throughout the entire design process to meet all the stormwater management criteria. We recommended the use of micro-bioretention facilities — also known as rain gardens — to meet this requirement. Micro-bioretention basins are usually the most efficient type of ESD facilities included in the “State of Maryland’s Stormwater Management Design Manual.”

During the design process, Montgomery County Parks & Recreation was concerned about the maintenance cost for multiple micro-bioretention facilities throughout the property. Therefore, the Client asked us to incorporate alternate low-maintenance ESD facilities in the hard-to-access areas.

To address the Client’s concerns, the Project Team incorporated grass swales and infiltration berms into the more remote locations. The final design also integrated three micro-bioretention facilities adjacent to the parking lot and playground areas.

The location of the micro-bioretention facilities near those areas created an excellent educational opportunity. They provided unique outdoor exhibits for public awareness of land development and environmental stewardship. In addition, the location offered easy maintenance access, which satisfied the client’s concern.

We also worked diligently with the county’s Rustic Roads Committee to comply with the Rustic Roads Program requirements. In coordination with the committee, we carefully designed the entrances and an attractive frontage along Glen Road. As result, we provided a design that preserved the required natural aesthetic of the site, while remaining functional as a public amenity.

This project showcased both the recreational and environmental value of sustainable design in the community. Greenbriar Local Park now offers a natural pleasant space for the enjoyment of residents and passersby.

VIKA’s services included:

  • Storm Drain and Paving Plans
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Sediment Control Plans
  • Final Forest Conservation Plans
  • Utility Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Construction Site Plans.