VIKA provided planning services for the new multi-family residential building at 3601 and 3615 Fairfax Drive.  The project included rezoning the site from a C-2 Service Commercial-Community Business District to a C-O Commercial Office Building, Hotel, and Multiple-Family Residential Zoning District.

The project includes a 12-story residential building with 268 dwelling units, ground floor retail along North Fairfax Drive, cultural/educational uses, and 270 underground off-street parking spaces.

Approved in November 2013, VIKA also provided final engineering services.  The scope of VIKA’s surveying assignments included a boundary and topographic survey located at the intersections of North Fairfax Drive, North Nelson Street, 10th Street North, and North Monroe Street.  This project consisted of several lots from an older larger subdivision.

VIKA performed land record research and prepared a large deed composite for the overall subdivision.  From that compilation, VIKA proceeded to compile the various street dedications that had occurred over the years.  This project required extensive knowledge of the Arlington County Land Records and an understanding of the Arlington County Road Plans.

Another project challenge that had to be resolved involved the existing WMATA tunnel located in the North Fairfax Drive right-of-way.  VIKA had previously surveyed the inside of this tunnel for the Virginia Square project located directly across the street.  With the extensive GIS database that VIKA have created for other projects adjacent to the project site, we were able to pull this information into the Latitude project and save our client time and money.

VIKA also provided pre- and post-construction 3D laser scanning surveying services.  First, we scanned the facades and of the adjacent existing buildings to capture their pre-construction existing conditions. 

During construction, VIKA scanned the elevator shafts and stairwells and prepared plumbness exhibits.  These exhibits enabled the Contractor to confirm that the shafts and stairwells were constructed to meet specification tolerances.  By using the 3D laser scanner for this project, the Contractor could analyze the project’s constructed elements quickly and safely – thus, resulting in both saved time and money. 

At the completion of construction, VIKA again scanned the façades of the existing adjacent buildings to confirm their post-construction existing conditions. 

The Point Clouds of data for this project will be saved and can be used again to analyze the adjoining conditions both pre- and post-construction and other project data as needed.