The Mosaic District is a 31-acre mixed-use development with significant developed open space that was designed to revitalize the Merrifield area. The Mosaic District is an infill development on the site of a former multiplex theater that includes:

  • Retail: 600,000 SF
  • Office: 65,000 SF
  • Multi-family residential: 1,000 units
  • Parking garages: 4 garages/4,000 spaces
  • Parks: 2
  • Hotel: 150 rooms
  • Art House, 8-screen cinema.

VIKA provided planning, surveying, civil engineering, and landscape architecture services for this on multiple parcels for several developers.

Mosaic District  is one of a handful of projects in the nation that have been accepted into the LEED Neighborhood Development Pilot Program and has achieved Silver Certification as a LEED Neighborhood Development (ND) Plan. As a pilot project for LEED ND, the development team was selected to participate in a smaller focus group of 60 projects to help create the new rating system, which was officially released in 2009. The LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system evaluates the design and construction elements that bring buildings together into a neighborhood and relates that neighborhood to its larger region and landscape, such as site selection and urban design.