Located on 4 acres along Baltimore Avenue, the Metropolitan at College Park, MD, will feature the following:

  • Townhomes — 45
  • Apartments — 222 units
  • Retail space — 3,900 SF.

VIKA was originally contracted to provide civil engineering and surveying services for the entire Jefferson at College Park project. VIKA provided full site engineering and planning from schematic design to detailed site plans.

Metropolitan Development has since purchased Metropolitan at College Park (Jefferson East) and Monument Realty purchased Monument View at College Park (Jefferson West). VIKA has been contracted by both of these firms to take each project through to construction administration.

For Metropolitan at College Park, we are providing civil engineering and surveying services including:

  • Amended Preliminary Plan
  • Amended Site Plan
  • Final engineering
  • Construction administration services.

Entitlement and final engineering services provided include City of College Park and State Highway Administration improvement plans. Surveying services include boundary and record plat. We are also providing the full civil construction plans for off-site and frontage improvement for MD Route 1 and Cherokee Street.