VIKA provided surveying and civil engineering services for the development of Monument View, a 419,000 SF, three-building office complex on a 4.7-acre site.

The project was designed to include three six-story buildings and about 453,000 SF of commercial office space. The third building, with about 102,000 SF, will be built in a future phase. Boeing had worked on finalizing the project for more than five years and moved more than 500 employees to the new complex from other locations in the region.  Given the classified nature of Boeing’s defense work, the building was designed as a secure facility, with protective setbacks and other security features.

Phase I was designed as a 186,000 SF, six-story building and a 131,000 SF, five-story one that will share a lobby, two-story atrium, and 550 underground parking spaces in a two-story garage. Phase 2, a 102,000 SF, four-story building with more underground parking, will complete the campus’ “U” shape.

A special consideration of this project is its location in the flight lines for Reagan National Airport. Part of the services VIKA provided included coordination between the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The site had air right restrictions as established by the FAA and MWAA.   VIKA prepared exhibits that detailed the locations of both horizontal and vertical limits of these air rights restrictions.  The exhibits were used by the architect to develop the height limitation of the building.