Spring Hill Station/Tysons West (also known as the Tysons Demonstration Project) was created to illustrate how a project could be developed using the Draft Comprehensive Plan for Tysons. When completed, it will include:

  • 5 million SF of development comprised of 2.0 to 3.5 million SF of office space
  • 1 to 5.1 million SF of multi-family housing
  • 180,000 SF of retail
  • 770,000 SF of hotel space.

The plan includes high-rise corporate and residential towers, restaurants, courtyards, parks, and retail space. As the engineer-of-record for this 28-acre (or 32 acre) project, VIKA is playing a key role in developing policies for the redevelopment of Tysons, stormwater management, transportation, and the Tysons “Straw Man” process.

VIKA’s services for this project include planning, surveying, civil engineering, and GIS services.

Two of three “neighborhoods” planned at Spring Hill Station have been approved by the Fairfax County Board. Neighborhood 1 is planned to include about 4 million SF of new development, up to two thirds of which could be residential buildings. There would be 1 to 2 million SF of office development, as well as some lower-level retail space to serve the office and residential uses. Neighborhood 2 will include up to 630,000 SF of residential space and retain two existing office buildings. Neighborhood 3 has been entitled conceptually.

Spring Hill Station was awarded the NAIOP Northern Virginia Award of Excellence for the Best Master Plan.

VIKA understands the planning, regulatory, and implementation framework for entitlement and rezoning projects, as well as neighborhood and context-sensitive revitalization plans and has worked on 10 of the 14 Tysons development projects.