The Yards is a vibrant mixed-use community within walking distance of Capitol Hill and the Washington Nationals ballpark. When completed, this will be 5.5-million SF mixed-use development that is expected to include the following:

  • 2,700 apartment homes
  • 8 million SF of office space
  • 300,000 SF of retail, restaurants, and services.

VIKA provided surveying and civil engineering services for The Yard’s infrastructure, master planning, and several individual building parcels. Services included roadway infrastructure construction plans (including 7,700 linear feet of roadway over approximately 42 acres), overlaying zoning districts, and coordinating floodplain mitigation and floodwall design with the construction company.

This project included low impact development (LID) bioretention tree pits for street trees in the residential parcel and individual site plan construction documents for Parcel M Building 160; interim parking lots on Parcels H, I, L, and N; the Trapeze School; and, Parcel O.

We rezoned The Yards through the entitlement process. Much of the project site was added to the National Register of Historic Places and includes six historical structures:

  1. Lumber Storage Shed (Building 173)
  2. Gun Assembly Plant (Building 202)
  3. Boiler Maker Shop (Building 167)
  4. Sentry Tower
  5. Transportation Repair Shop (Building 74)
  6. Pattern Joiner Shop (Building 160)

The project presented VIKA with many unique challenges because the site surrounds the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC WATER) pumping station, is bordered by the Anacostia Navy Yard, and has a WMATA subsurface easement and Metro tunnel cutting beneath the surface across the site.

VIKA was responsible for designing all roads leading to and from access points surrounding DC WATER’s existing facility and all of the new public streets.

Because the site was Federal property, there were no records of existing utilities or locations of previously demolished buildings. Location of existing utilities required VIKA to coordinate relocation and design efforts with the U.S. Navy and DC WATER. As a result, VIKA provided several research services:

  • Record Drawings (including stormwater management plans)
  • Survey Files
  • Storm Drain Systems
  • Utility Records
  • Property Boundaries
  • Aerial Photography
  • Soils

We field located utilities, storm drains, sanitary sewers, inlets, pipes, manholes, and stormwater outfalls. We also coordinated subsurface utility locating and mapping and were responsible for bringing all the utility location information into the base plans and preparing GIS shape files.

During the project, VIKA researched old land records, archeological information, and historical data to determine the approximate location of footing and columns of previously demolished buildings to develop a site plan that anticipated “undocumented” potential site plan obstructions. Finally, we created exhibits to identify demolished building sites in the base plans.

We also provided façade surveying services for the historical structures that included:

  • Field location of all façade features along all window locations as part of the complete renovation of the historic Pattern Joiner Shop (Building #160).
  • Detailed survey of the Sentry Tower wall and interior building survey of the Pattern Joiner Shop to locate building walls, footers, and columns.
  • A complete set of “as-constructed” plans that were used by the architect for re-design of the building.