Aiming for cost-effective enhancement of the region’s rail systems, the District of Columbia asked the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to design and construct a light rail demonstration project in the Anacostia section of Washington, DC.

VIKA was selected to provide surveying services to WMATA. This project is an example of VIKA’s extensive WMATA surveying experience and demonstrates our ability to perform services for right-of-way determinations, easement document creations, and WMATA survey control datum tie-in.

For this project, we prepared documents for the design and construction of the light-rail train system. The final documents included contract-ready survey control drawings; survey plot and right-of-way drawings; existing utilities plan and profile drawings; plats and legal descriptions; and existing cross-sectional drawings. In addition, we researched the public records of National Geodetic Survey (NGS) and WMATA for the existing horizontal and vertical control points along the proposed Anacostia Corridor Demonstration Project from Bolling Air Force Base to the Minnesota Avenue Metro Station.

VIKA surveying services included the following:

  • Installation and Verification of Survey Control
  • Conventional and Aerial Topographic Mapping
  • Research of CSX Right-of-Way and Ownership Lines
  • Utility As-Built Drawings and Survey Plats
  • Research of Land Records and Utility Company Records
  • Interpretation of Oblique and Vertical Aerial Photographic Data
  • Incorporation of Digital Orthography Along the Proposed Light Rail Corridor
  • Property Ownership Research and Deed Mosaic for Right-of-Way Determination
  • Survey-to-Mark in Outline and Boundary of CSX Properties
  • Field Surveys Using Automated “Field to Finish” Techniques, Including Use of Total Station Survey Instruments and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

VIKA also performed physical reconnaissance of the survey monuments to verify the existence and usefulness of each monument for inclusion into a densified control network along the corridor. We installed primary control monuments and established 1st Order NAD83/latest adjustment on monuments installed approximately one mile on center along the proposed alignment and established 2nd Order Class 1 NAVD88/latest adjustment values on all control monuments existing and/or installed along the proposed alignment.

We densified the horizontal and vertical control network by running conventional ground traverses along the proposed alignment, and provided monument record sheets for all new control points installed along the proposed alignment.  Additionally, VIKA installed photo control points and targets in accordance with the aerial mapping plan along the proposed corridor.

VIKA contracted for aerial imaging and orthophotographic services and provided aerial photography and digital orthophotographs. We also provided conventional mapping along the CSX alignment and an array of other mapping, documentation, and GIS services.