The WMATA Systemwide Utility Outgrants project is an example of VIKA’s extensive WMATA surveying experience and ability to effectively work on public transit-related projects.

In this case, VIKA provided surveying services for the multi-year task order for the recordation of WMATA utility easements throughout Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

VIKA’s services included the following:

  • Research of the right-of-way and utility as-built drawings and survey plats
  • Research of jurisdictional land records and utility company records
  • Performance of field surveys using automated “field to finish” techniques that included the use of total station survey instruments and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS
  • Preparation of plats and legal descriptions
  • Computed all of the centerline and right-of-way geometry
  • Recorded surface and subsurface easements for each Metro line in Maryland and the District of Columbia
  • Installation and verification of survey control
  • Conventional and aerial topographic mapping
  • Oblique and vertical aerial photographs and digital orthophotography along the corridor
  • Property ownership research and deed mosaic for right-of-way determination
  • Survey to mark to outline and boundary of CSX properties.

Additionally, VIKA contracted and oversaw the work of a DBE firm to geo-reference all of the as-built, right-of-way and utility scans, and orthographic images that were used to produce the Outgrant Mosaic Drawings.

We accomplished the task orders issued by WMATA on schedule and consistently demonstrated responsiveness and knowledge of Washington Metropolitan DC area utility companies and land surveying requirements of the participating jurisdictions.