Signature Club

Located on the east side of the intersection of MD 210 (Indian Head Highway) and MD 228 (Berry Road), Signature Club is a 70.49-acre M-X-T development in Prince George’s County, MD.

Original approvals were for 315 age restricted (55+) units, in single family homes, townhomes, and apartments. The Detailed Site Plan Amendment approved in December 2017 for Caruso Homes has 312 fee-simple lots, with a mix of 217 single family and 95 townhome units. Four playgrounds and a meeting hall serving as the community clubhouse provide recreation space for the neighborhood.

This project will have a unique private vacuum sewer system with an existing pump station built for the development, private roads, and a significant number of existing trees retained, some of which are within an environmental area running through the site. Significant plantings and a noise wall shelter the site from highways creating a beautiful, leafy community for residents. Two 100-year quantity basins and 30 Environmental Site Design SWM facilities throughout the site treat stormwater management.

VIKA Maryland worked on the Concept Plan, Preliminary Plan, Detailed Site Plan, Final Engineering and Construction Documents for the project.

Project Details
  • 217 Single Family
  • 95 Townhome Units
  • 4 Playgrounds
  • Meeting Hall
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