Dry Utility Engineering

Connecting Your Project to the World

Electricity, gas, fiber optics, cable, telephone - our homes and businesses are connected to the world by a variety of technologies. And each of these technologies needs to be carefully woven into the larger design plan governing a given project. Ensuring that these services are integrated at the right time, in the right way, by the right people is the simplest way of thinking about what we can do for you.
Feasibility Studies with Cost Estimates
Relocation Conduit Design & Utility Coordination
Power Feeder Mainline Extensions
Conceptual Design & Entitlement Support
Preliminary Transformer Sizing
New Service Requests
Critical Review of Utility Company Cost Agreements
Conduit System Design
Temporary Power Service Coordination
Test Hole Recommendation & Analysis
Public Streetlight Design
Construction administration
Utility Conflict Resolution
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With our team of specialized engineers and our collective experience collaborating with all of the region’s utilities, we’ll put the power in your hands.

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Identifying strategic imperatives that will keep us ahead of our competition, maintaining and expanding our market share, diversifying our risks by nurturing and growing new businesses sectors and services, and restructuring the organization for greater agility is essential not only in the coming year but coming decades.”

Chris Champagne
President/Executive Director, VIKA

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