Surveying & Geomatics

Excellence Begins with Accuracy

Effective Surveying and Geomatics prepares a project for success. By revealing both a project’s hidden possibilities and obstacles, we give clients a clear, honest understanding of their site’s development potential. And while we formally establish a record, we can also tap into our vast database of previous records - from across our multi-state organization. This brings in additional insights, saving clients time, money, and research.
3D High Definition Scanning/BIM Modeling
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Photogrammetry
Subsurface Utility Location Surveys and Test Hole Services
Structural Integrity/Damage Surveying and Monitoring, and Facade Surveys
ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys
Boundary, Topographic, Location of Improvements, and As-Built Surveys
Tree Surveys
Construction Stakeout and Surveys
Wetlands Location and Bathymetric Surveys
Condominium Plats and Plans
Subdivision, Easement and Right of Way Dedication Plats, and Descriptions
Jurisdictional Specific Plats, Surveys, and Exhibits

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Identifying strategic imperatives that will keep us ahead of our competition, maintaining and expanding our market share, diversifying our risks by nurturing and growing new businesses sectors and services, and restructuring the organization for greater agility is essential not only in the coming year but coming decades.”

Chris Champagne
President/Executive Director, VIKA

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