Our decades of experience have taught us that emphasizing a balanced, collaborative approach is the best way to ensure that a project delivers on time and on budget.

That collaboration begins with a Planning & Entitlement team working to make sure zoning and other project requirements are satisfied. From there it is the Surveying & Geomatics specialists who provide us with the clearest understanding of a project’s potential. Then, Civil Engineering & Site Design creates a vision made functional through careful engineering.  Finally, there is Landscape Architecture & Arboriculture, which reveals the beauty and sustainable features of a project’s environment.

Identifying strategic imperatives that will keep us ahead of our competition, maintaining and expanding our market share, diversifying our risks by nurturing and growing new businesses sectors and services, and restructuring the organization for greater agility is essential not only in the coming year but coming decades.”

Chris Champagne
President/Executive Director, VIKA

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