Carlyle Park

VIKA supports the CDD Amendment for Carlyle Plaza Two, enabling residential use in four tower buildings and ground floor retail on Eisenhower Avenue. This development fosters a 24/7 urban campus environment, blending residential, office, hotel, and retail spaces around 6 acres of central green space with iconic design and pedestrian-friendly features.

VIKA is assisting with the CDD Amendment for the Carlyle Plaza Two development to permit residential uses in all four proposed tower buildings, ground floor retail along Eisenhower Avenue, and several changes to the Site Plan and open space design for the construction of four residential towers buildings. Carlyle Plaza has been meticulously planned to create a 24/7 campus like environment in an urban setting. To achieve this, the development features a balance of uses including residential, office, hotel, and retail, unified by 6 acres of centralized green space, iconic building design, and pedestrian friendly scale.

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